The Garden

Is it a real garden, is it a virtual garden?  A cyber space?  A state of the mind/imagination?  Is it all of this?

Transient, ephemeral, flickering between alternate states, the physical versus the energetic.



Wondrous things happen in the garden

wild brambles and overgrown grasses

creeping climbing twisting vines

Patches of light and patches of shade.

Flowers bloom  in my garden

secrets blossom into stories

enchanted paths lead to hidden delights….


My garden holds secrets, my garden has seen things: wild fantasies coming to fruition, creativity in action.  Seeds have been deliberately planted, some have been passionately scattered, others thrown with abandon.

My garden holds possibilities.  Multiple futures quietly wait.   Our thoughts, desires and actions will shape how the garden grows, how our hearts grow, how the impossible becomes possible, and how the boundaries between  fantasy and reality dissolve.

Dare to dream… Your dreams are yours alone.


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Maybe I’ll be the world’s first “Organic Violinist”!