Chillout / Downtempo

Chillout, Ambient & Psytrance tracks with luscious live strings take you on a journey within to drink the milk of paradise.

Meditation Music

Meditation Music and Binaural Beats for healing and wellbeing.

Live Performance

Chillout or Psytrance violin & viola or uptempo live show combining physical theatre, circus and violin.

Rachele Wildmare in her creative world

Upcoming Releases


Mare is journeying the inner realms, soon to emerge from her studio / violin temple with new music for your heart and soul.







Interdimensional Violin Performance


It's a journey, traversing wild rainforests, enchanted and sacred groves, starlight and the celestial realm.  We cross from the everyday world into the domain of expanded imagination and heightened reality.





Strings on Fire live performance

Shows for Special Events


Mare is one half of Strings on Fire, a unique act combining violin and circus.   Since 2006 they have performed thousands of shows for events on every continent (except Antartica and Africa). For more info, check out  



Contact us to Book

Check availability for a live performance, request a free proposal or discover more about a live performance with Mare.

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